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General APIs Rules

SecurePass RESTful APIs uses a combination of HTTP headers, POST variables and JSON responses to interact with the platform.

HTTP headers are used to perform APIs authentication. Every request uses the following two headers:

  • X-SecurePass-App-ID
  • X-SecurePass-App-Secret

An APP-ID is linked to a given realm and has a secret and could be restricted from a given IPv4/IPv6 network. Both values are required when performing a request.

A request COULD contain some POST variables, some of which are mandatory. All variables are in upper case, note that the application is case sensitive. The GET HTTP method is not implemented.

The JSON response have two mandatory fields:

  • rc -> Return code value, it is always 0 if returned successfully
  • errorMsg -> A human readable value of the error

All the JSON variables are returned in lower case, with the exception of errorMsg.